Our Team

  • Kanchha Gurung(Sujan)

    Kanchha Gurung(Sujan)


    Born in 1974 in Gumda, a remote Gurung village located in the high hills of northern Gorkha, which lies on the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley trekking route and is also home to the world’s 8th highest mountain ‘Manaslu. Kanchha Gurung (Sujan) has experience of more than two decades in this field as a French-speaking trekking and mountain biking guide and has a very good knowledge of this sector. Kanchha (Sujan) started his career at the early age of 15. Before that, he used to herd cattle with his brothers. It was around 1990, that he left his village and started to work in this field as a porter. After working as a porter for several years he was promoted to camping trek assistant guide and then to cook (During that time, most of the treks were camping-based because of a lack of accommodation services). He became more immersed and devoted to his work as he kept on working. Then a few years later he took the trekking guide training and started his journey as a Trekking Guide. Since then, he has been leading treks and mountain biking tours over the last 20 years as a trekking guide and mountain biking in Nepal. During these 3 decades, he got the opportunity to work for various European adventure companies like Huwans Club Aventure, UCPA, Allibert Trekking, Terre d'Aventure, Evaneos, Tirawa, Sanga, DAV Summit Club, and Bici Adventure. Finally, to provide quality services and unique experiences to adventure seekers, he started his own trekking and tour agency, ' Yak Ru Adventure ' backed by his elder son who is also a professional trekking guide. He has been actively involved not only in the tourism service sector but in the development of the rural areas of Nepal as well. He has been helping the betterment of education and the health sector of the rural areas of Nepal.

  • Suresh Gurung

    Suresh Gurung

    Managing Director

    Suresh Gurung, the Managing Director of Yak Ru Adventure Pvt. Ltd is the eldest son of the company's founder, Kanchha Gurung (Sujan). He is a trek leader and creator of treks and tours as well. He was born in Gumda, a remote village in the Lower Manaslu region of the Gorkha district. He has been working in tourism since 2012 and has completed a bachelor's degree in Nepalese Culture and History. He completed the B1 level in French from 'Alliance Francaise de Katmandou'. Currently, he is doing a master's degree in adventure tourism studies at Nepal Mountain Academy.   A friendly, dynamic, and energetic person fluent in French and English who is always there whenever you need him. He is the one who takes care of the company and handles most of the queries, emails, and all the other necessary logistics. He also leads groups and keeps the safety and experience of the group as his main priority. During the off-season, he explores various regions of Nepal to create amazing trekking and tour itineraries. He is well informed about most of the trekking routes of Nepal, and the local cultures, and traditions, thanks to his experience throughout his years of working.     

  • Kabita Gurung

    Kabita Gurung

    Content Writer and Correspondent

    Kabita Gurung is a young, brilliant, and energetic office staff originally from Gorkha and an avid travel lover. Even though her field of study is public health, her immense love for traveling led her to work with us. She is the one who does all the content writing. She is also the one who helps Suresh in managing logistics and answering emails when he is out busy exploring and guiding. When not in the office, she is busy traveling to different places, tasting wide varieties of local and international cuisine, and gathering inspiration for her content and blog writing. 

  • Pranaya Baniya

    Pranaya Baniya

    Adventure Specialist and Consultant

    Our adventure specialist and consultant Pranaya was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a child, he was sent to the queen of hills-Darjeeling to a famous boarding school- St.Joseph College, North Point for his high school education. Growing up among the beautiful hills of Darjeeling, he developed a deep sense of pride and love for the mountains. He is a nature and animal lover and also an avid trekker. In the past, he has worked for travel companies like Expedia and is an excellent travel planner and communication expert. In his spare time, he loves to play the tabala, take his dogs out for long walks and read.

  • Lale Gurung

    Lale Gurung

    Office Assistant

    Lale Gurung hails from Singla, a beautiful small village situated on the alternative Manaslu Circuit Trek route. A young and dynamic office staff, he is always full of positivity and energy. He is in charge of all the paperwork for our company. He is the one who maintains all the files and documents, updates paperwork and records information as needed. He prepares all the permits and paperwork needed for our treks as well as for evacuations during an emergency.   

  • Purna Kumar Rai

    Purna Kumar Rai

    Trekking Guide

    Purna Kumar Rai is a native of Solukhumbu, home to the world's highest peak, Mt. Everest (8848 M). He is a highly experienced and skilled professional trekking guide with over 2 decades of experience. From porter, kitchen staff, assistant guide, cook, and trekking guide, he has all the needed experiences and that's what makes him an outstanding guide. He is fluent in German and English. In his more than 20 years of experience, he has gained plenty of knowledge about the diverse culture and the trekking routes of Nepal. He has done around 80 percent of the Great Himalayan Trail which expands from the east to the west of Nepal. He is an expert in Dolpo (Upper and Lower) region even though he has trekked through almost all of the trekking regions of Nepal. Till now, he has been to Dolpo more than 25 times and has trekked to every village, corner, and pass. He has also been to Tibet more than a dozen times. And overall, we can say he is an expert in remote regions trekking in Nepal. 

  • Tika Rai Khaling

    Tika Rai Khaling

    Trekking Guide

    Tika Rai Khaling is a native of Solukhumbu district, home to the world's highest peak Mt. Everest(8848.86 M), and is one of our senior guides. He has been active in the tourism field for the last 25 years. For a long time, he worked as the main cook for expeditions groups in Nepal, Ladakh, and Tibet during which he gained extensive knowledge about these places. And for 15 years, he has been working as a trekking guide and led groups all over Nepal and Tibet including extremely remote places like Lapchi Kang, Ganja La, Rolwaling Valley, Lumba Sumba, etc. He is fluent in English and can speak good French as well. While on the trek, one can expect surprise treats from him as he is a great cook. And he is a great dancer as well. Besides these qualities, he is a very good listener and takes group safety seriously.     

  • Saugat Gurung

    Saugat Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Saugat Gurung is from Laprak, a village in the lower Manaslu region of Gorkha district full of trekking and mountaineering guides. Growing up in a village where most of the people were, directly and indirectly, working in the tourism field was the main reason he was inspired to chose this profession above all. He is working as a trekking guide since 2009. He completed the B1 level in French from Alliance Francaise de Katmandou and is fluent in English as well. An active and very professional guide, thanks to his working experience over the years.

  • Chandra Man Gurung

    Chandra Man Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Chandra Man Gurung, a native of the lower Manaslu region has been actively working in the field of tourism for 15 years and 10 years as a trekking guide. Like everyone, he started from ground level as a porter. He was so passionate about trekking that he quit his job as a police officer and started working in the tourism field. He is fluent in French and English and very dedicated to his work. He has trekked almost all of the trekking regions of Nepal.

  • Rakesh Gurung

    Rakesh Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Rakesh Gurung is a native of Laprak, a beautiful village in the lower Manaslu region. He has been working in the tourism field since 2010. During these years, he has worked as a porter, kitchen helper, assistant guide, assistant climbing guide, and eventually as a trekking guide. He is a young, energetic, and talented guide fluent in French and English. He has completed French B1 level from Alliance Francaise and Basic Mountaineering Training from Nepal Mountaineering Association. And he specializes in high-altitude pass treks and remote region treks like the Tashi Lapcha Pass, Everest 3 passes, Ganja La, Kanchenjunga, etc. 

  • Dilip Gurung

    Dilip Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Dilip Gurung is from the Taplejung district, home to the 3rd highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586 M). He has been guiding for the last 5 years in the Himalayas of Nepal. In the past, he used to work as an assistant guide for our founder Kanchha Gurung on his trek to Kanchenjunga Base Camp. He started working from the ground level as a porter like everyone else. Dilip is an expert in the Kanchenjunga Region as he has been wandering around here since teenager. He knows every minute detail of this region including culture, landscapes, mountains, rivers, wildlife, and plants. He is a young, dynamic, and smart guide fluent in French and English. And he is a very good singer as well. 

  • Ganesh Man Gurung

    Ganesh Man Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Ganesh Man Gurung hails from a small beautiful village called Lapsibot in the lower Manaslu region of the Gorkha district. He started as a porter and eventually became a guide after years of experience and proper training. A young, dynamic, and ever-smiling person who's always ready to make your trip a memorable one. He is fluent in English and has traveled mostly to the western region of Nepal. 

  • Sagar Magar

    Sagar Magar

    Trekking Guide

    Sagar Magar comes from a small village in the border of Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts. He started working as a porter, then assistant guide and finally as a trekking guide. It's been a couple of years since he became a guide. Despite his young age, he has gathered plenty of experience in the trekking field because of his determination and his passion for adventure. He is fluent in English and Hindi and a fun person to be with as well.

  • Suresh Pandey

    Suresh Pandey

    Tour Guide

    Born and raised in Kathmandu, Suresh Pandey is an energetic, well-informed, and experienced tour guide with over a decade of experience. Initially, he was a trekking guide but his love and passion for the rich culture, traditions, and the architecture of the Kathmandu valley made him what he is today. He completed his bachelor in Nepalese Culture and History. He is the type of person that will answer all of your curious questions while on the tour. Not only the culture and tradition, but he also knows the local cuisine very well.