Nepal, a small landlocked country rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. The history and culture of Nepal date to more than 2000 years. Four of the UNESCO world heritage sites, including Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, are located in Nepal. According to the recent census of 2068 BS(2011 AD), there are a total of 125 ethnic groups living in various parts of Nepal, with 123 spoken languages and more than a dozen of religions practiced. Even with these huge diversities, people have been living in peace and harmony for a long time and Kathmandu Valley being the key point of cultural interaction between various ethnic groups and the center of art and architecture. 

For a person who loves to explore different cultures, traditions, and history, Nepal is a great option to visit because the more you travel, the more you will discover different types of people with different cultural backgrounds. A visit to Nepal will give you the opportunity to encounter the people of various ethnic groups where you can see their festivals, rituals, lifestyle, and religious practices closely with their warm hospitality. Visiting temples, Bihar settlements of indigenous people, historical monuments, Buddhist stupas, monasteries, and memorials are a great way to experience the richness of Nepalese culture, art, architecture, and history, which makes your visit a memorable one.