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Christine Perrin, France

Trek with confidence with Sujan

We (4 french people) a trek with Sujan in Autumn to Mustang because we knew him from a previous trek. Hé clearly understood our needs ( we also wanted to havé Time to visit, meet and discuss with local people). Hé proposed the perfect tour with great timing. Sujan is very expérimented, hé Knows Népal routes so well that he knows the people from all lodges, so easy to adapt the food to our needs. Quel guide népalais pense au dessert, si important pour un français ? sujan bien sur avec des fruits, des gâteaux. Hé is very careful about how we feel. Hé is very nice, speaks excellent english and good french. In a nutshell, do ont hesitate to trek with Sujan, you Will enjoy yourself, for sure. Thanks Sujan

Liya Tang
Liya Tang, China

What a wonderful journey!

Well..first of all, here is a brief introdution of .our tour group.  Our travelling last 18 days and our group is about an archaeological suvey  of Upper Mustang area.   We followed the tough routes Sujan knew and visited many castles, gompas, chodens and sites. Sujan and his son Suresh both were our guides and they hired two drivers for us and they accompanied us for the whole journey. It is our honor that our group was his first tour group after his new tourism company was set up.  Therefore I must write a review from my heart!     Firstly what I have to say is that the trip was quite safe due to the rich experience in route as well as in driving. Actually speaking,  Sujan had been a local mountain guide for several years before he founded his own company.  Besides, it seems Mr. Sujan experienced a  tough teenage years which also brough him lots of life experience and encouragement.   Secondly, the journey was quite well arranged.   There was not any time to waste during our investigation. So thanks very much for his reasonable, systematic and scientific arrangement.   Thirdly, the most important is that Sujan, Suresh and two drivers are with much good qualities, MODESTY, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS,  CONSIDERATION and BRAVERY .  For example, every morning, Sujan woke up us alway,  he ordered our meals always and they let us eat firstly always. What's more, you know some of girls incluing me were frequently with fear of heights very much, sometimes I was even afraid of crossing a low wooden bridge which was just over a creek.  At that time, they would encourage us and help us to overcome difficulties.     Finally, Sujan and Suresh have talent in languages. They can both speak English and French fluently and can speak a little Japanese, and learnt some Chinese.   In conclusion, if you choose Sujan as your guide during any kinds of trips in Nepal,  you will have  a quite wonderful experience, especially you will have a quite nice Nepali friend!   Best Wishes For Sujan's Family and Company!

Tessa Skerman, New Zealand

Highly recommended

My husband and I met and trekked with Sujan 9 years ago and we have stayed in contact with him all these years. He was such a great, genuine and hospitable guide on our first trek that we booked another with him a few days later! Sujan has a vast array of knowledge and is very easy going with a lovely personality. We will return one day to trek with Sujan when our 3 young boys are old enough to explore the Himalayas. We highly recommend Sujan as a guide in the Himalayas!

Arthut Blachier, France

Great experience in the Upper Mustang

Highly recommend Sujan as a guide (experienced, serious and speak multiple languages). Wonder full experience in this beautiful region. Je recommande vivement Sujan en tant que guide. Expérimenté, sérieux et parle Français. Une très bonne expérience dans cette magnifique région.

Sabine Thoma
Sabine Thoma, Germany

Great Time

Sujan is a very professional trekking guide on whom you can rely for more than 100%! He has very good experience in Culture and Nature and we might have missed a lot along the way without his fabulous view, animals,plants, cultral sites. In every situation he takes best care for his clients in his natural and kind way. As this was only one of several treks with Sujan I can recommend him as a very good and responsible guide with experience in each region he treks! Be sure you will have an unforgetable time and a lot of fun with him!

isabelle buffet, France


beautiful trek in the middle of the rice fields, leaving unveiled the mountains. Sujan and his team guided us from villages to villages, meeting the locals . Visit schools, rebuild homes, stigmata of the 2015 earthquake, a lot of emotions in these villages without escape in case of disaster